Miami Ad School guest speaker

May 30th, 2012
by monteisom

While driving home from a paintball excursion I was asked by my friend and creative director Sherina Florence if I would come do a talk at Miami ad school in Brooklyn.  After 1.6 seconds of considering it I said, “name a date”.  We decided our only opening was the next day.  So with a paintball blister on my forehead where I was shot the day before I showed up to speak about how dealing with and understanding vendors will help creatives in advertising.  I didn’t treat it as a show and tell of my work rather used examples to illustrate different aspects of successes and failures between photographer and agency.  The questions from advertising students were very well thought out and on topic…which was a breathe of fresh air.  Not one asked what camera I shoot with. I like Miami Ad School students.



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